We make cameras autonomous


Motors attached to the camera sensor and lens. We take care of framing corrections and stabilization in ranges and speeds 40 times larger than your typical handheld camera. The camera is in fact a cameraman. 

Vision intelligence

Custom made single board computers analyze every captured frame. We indicate trackable objects,  optimal lighting settings and focus sharpness on any image patch. Configurable overlays suggest framing improvements based on scene type. Oh! We also automate all these tasks.

Optics control

Our cameras feature fully programmable lenses and sensors. Focus and zoom-by-wire, full aperture, ISO and exposure control. Whenever you are overwhelmed by all the settings we take control and automate based on algorithms trained on professional film makers.


SeerVision is a spin-off from the Automatic Control Laboratory of ETH Zurich. The expertise of the team is on computer vision for video quality optimization and on smooth motor trajectory design. We are on a mission to create the first fully programmable, feature packed, smart moving camera. We call it the raspberry pi of cameras.


Designing Bungito: the world's first programmable smart moving camera

Stay tuned to get updates on the development of a camera with its own programmable brain, giving you access to all optics settings, lens movement controls and computer vision data. Using the camera’s core automation features you can make any application you can dream of with a few lines of code.

Portable brain

Upgrade an existing camera setup using SeerVisions portable brain. Connect your camera’s control port, motorized PT head and off you go. Send us an email to work out a customized solution for your setup.

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(Our) machine ethics


The guys taking most of the risk.  They quickly design and implement concept algorithms and then evaluate them from a purely business perspective.

Thankfully this process is based on Swiss engineering and solid market experience in video production.

Advisory board

Renowned scientists in the area of automatic control and computer vision merged with expertise in early-stage business development supplied by the Commission for Technology and Innovation. These guys help us decide what can be done and what not.


A group of enthusiastic young professionals exited to work in the dynamic and innovative environment of a startup.

They move from concepts to concrete plans and adjust their workflow to fit an ever-changing development strategy.

Always flexible, always efficient. Thank you guys.




seervision @seervision
Check out what it takes to frame shots when using stabilizers: https://t.co/uUEkAVLBOi. Our technology will change this!
seervision @seervision
We're thrilled to be working with the @IMDEMBA team next year! #seervision #keeppushing